5 Modern Features You Get with an Aftermarket Car Stereo

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Car Stereo Installation Gives You More Than Just Great Sound Quality

If you’re in the market for car stereo speakers and other auto accessories like car wraps, a remote start device, auto paint protection film, or window tinting in New Jersey, look no further than AutoImage, New Jersey’s qualified, reputable team of technicians and sales professionals who want to see you out on the road in style.

We want you to be so pleased with your car stereo upgrade that we don’t just stop at offering you great sound for your favorite music in the upgraded car you’ve always wanted to own. Because we offer state-of-the-art aftermarket stereo equipment, we love to show you the additional features that a new install will give you.

Today’s car stereos bring you far more than you’d ever expect, so we’ve decided to give you a little preview before you come into the shop to see it for yourself. We’ve created a list of five modern features that come with a car stereo installation, and, although we had a hard time choosing, we picked the top five we think most car owners would be surprised to discover come with a car stereo upgrade.

1. MirrorLink Technology

When your car stereo includes MirrorLink technology, you can pair your smartphone seamlessly with a console touchscreen. This way, you can utilize all your phone capabilities including messaging, entertainment, and music while driving. MirrorLink’s easy user interface allows you to do this safely, so your important texts are only a glimpse away like any other dashboard tool. Now, your head’s not buried in your phone, but you can still keep updated on everything you need. This technology was built with safety in mind, but it also has a clean, modern digital look that complements any car upgraded with the latest auto accessories. A car stereo installation is more than just bringing your audio to the next level – nearly every aspect of your communications and entertainment lifestyle is now available right in your car.

2. GPS Navigation

No car would be complete without a built-in GPS navigation system these days. There’s nothing more awkward than trying to look at your phone while trying to figure out directions, and most of us don’t really want to have a system mounted on our dash – it just takes away from the overall look of the vehicle. When you opt for one of the industry-leading car stereo brands at AutoImage, you’re likely to find that the system includes a superior navigation system that can display a user-friendly, high-clarity map on your stereo’s console, as well as give you vocal directions as well. Now, you can get where you’re going with the touch of a button instead of trying to lean your phone in a cup holder while you’re figuring out how far away 500 ft. is for that next turn. No one has time for that.

3. Security

Many aftermarket car stereo systems offer a layer of added security so that you can prevent your system from getting stolen. If you drive a nice car that people are always checking out on the road, or if your car stereo speakers and system definitely stand out when someone peers into your car’s window, you want to ask about whether the stereo system has passcode security. Password security helps you feel secure parking your vehicle anywhere you want, and still own one of the finest systems on the market. Besides, if you’ve been upgrading your car with the best professionally-installed auto accessories in New Jersey, including window tinting, people are sure to notice your car. However, you want them to notice it from afar, not up close and personal.

4. An Array of Tools for an Affordable Price

One of the best things about a car stereo installation is that the latest industry-leading consoles have such a wide-array of features. If you tried to buy them all on their own as separate devices or apps, you’d be paying far more than if you buy a complete package that satisfies all the auto accessories you could want for your digital stereo system. At AutoImage, our prices are always as close to MSRP as we can get them because we want to make sure everything we offer is affordable, from car stereo speakers, to car wraps, and more.

5. Help and Friendly Advice From Your New Jersey Car Stereo Installation Experts

One of the hidden benefits that most don’t think about when they’re getting their auto accessories installed by experts is that you get to pick your technicians’ brains when you’re shopping at a locally-owned and New Jersey-proud window tinting, car stereo, and speakers shop like AutoImage.

When you try to DIY a car stereo installation job, you’ll end up watching videos with supposed audio experts whose advice is mercurial at best: sometimes they’ll say it’s best to do it like this, and, in another video, they’ll say the complete opposite. You want an installer who you can trust, and who can guide you through the process, making the perfect tweaks so your sound system is just the way you like it. When you work with AutoImage, you’ll have our expert guidance whenever you need it.

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