5 New Jersey Day Trips to Take with Your Upgraded Stereo System

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Car Stereo Installation Gives You the Keys to the World

Once you install new car stereo speakers, you want to be in your car more than anywhere else. You’ll find yourself making excuses to “run an errand” just so you can hear how your favorite songs sound, and see who notices. You could say the same thing, really for any aftermarket auto accessories including car stereo speakers and window tinting – New Jersey and the whole Tri-state area suddenly become an entire world to explore – even if you’ve seen it all before.

Here are five day trips you can take in New Jersey (and even Philly) if you want to find an excuse to listen to your new system on the way, and show it off when you get there.

Down the Shore: Try Cape May and Ocean City

You knew we were going to start with the shore! There’s nothing like heading out to LBI with your system bumping. Or, if you’re feeling like you want to mix it up a bit, pick a shore town you’ve never been to before.

Take a look at some of our out-of-the-way favorites that will take you about an hour or two, so you can spend most of your day on the beach and boardwalk. Plus, going somewhere other than LBI helps you mix it up a bit. While there’s something great about hitting the same shore town year after year, there are always new areas to explore.

1. Cape May: If you’re up for getting started early, and it’s not a Saturday (the traffic on the Atlantic City Expressway can get just a little bit congested from all the Saturday to Saturday house rentals) take a trip down to Cape May. “Exit 0” has something for everyone from great bars and restaurants, great seafood, live music, and more. And be sure to check out Congress Hall and Hotel. Did you know that it was the first seaside resort in America?

This must-see location is not only beautiful, but offers a wide variety of restaurants, a spa, and entertainment. You could come down for the day, hit the beach, stay for dinner, and be bumping your car stereo speakers all the way back home. If you’re already familiar with Cape May, try Cape May Point, which has grown a lot in recent years, and has its own unique shore town vibe.

2. Ocean City: A classic shore town, Ocean City is known for its crowded boardwalks and classic offerings, especially the salt water taffy, pizza, ice cream, and funnel cake. Every car that heads down Asbury Ave. is bumping some kind of music – and the tastes and styles vary – so now you can join everyone else on the strip with your brand new aftermarket auto accessories. And don’t forget to check out Playland’s Castaway Cove, the throwback amusement park that features everything from the classic “swings” to the new additions they’ve made over the years. Nothing says Jersey like going on a couple of rides you’re too old for when you’re down the shore!

Go Into Philly, and Show Off Your Stereo Jawn

3. Fishtown: Check out what’s new and fresh on the music, art, and food scene in Philly by heading to Fishtown, located on the Northeast side of the city right against the Delaware River. Cut over from 195 to 95 and head south along the river, and you’ll find this working class neighborhood that’s now a destination for everything up-and-coming in Philly. So many young people live here now, you’re destined to pull up next to someone that’s had their window tinting done with us in New Jersey. You might even get into a whose-system-is-better match as you sit at a redlight. If you’re not the show-off type, just being able to listen to your music as you cut across the state and head down into Philly makes for an enjoyable trip. You can look forward to the food and all the nightlife, and even a stroll along the Delaware waterfront. Most importantly, you can drive on down (it will take you about an hour and change) immersed in your music thanks to your new car stereo installation.

4. South Street: If you don’t go into Philly often, go check out South Street, as it has likely changed a lot since the last time you visited. Now home to a wide variety of great restaurants, family-friendly offerings, and plenty of the kitsch you remember, South Street is always packed with locals and tourists of all types. Head down for a cheesesteak lunch, and browse some of the trendy, unique, and unusual shops, and let this be your starting point for a day of adventures in the city. You’re not too far from Independence Hall and some great Italian markets by foot, and – given the fact that you probably want to jump back in your car to get back to those state-of-the-art auto accessories you’ve installed – you’re maybe 15 minutes or less from the iconic Museum of Art aka “The Rocky Steps.” Philly’s a big city, but once you’re there it’s a lot more walkable and convenient than you’d think – especially with so many must-see and must-eat stops along the way.

Test Out Your Car Stereo Installation with a Drive Into Nature

5. The Pine Barrens have been capturing the imagination of Americans everywhere ever since that infamous Sopranos episode was shot there. Even those of us who’ve traveled everywhere in the Garden State don’t realize that almost 20 percent of New Jersey is preserved as natural Pinelands. While we don’t necessarily always think of our state this way – especially with all of the recent growth and development – New Jersey’s pine forests, lakes, rivers, and beaches make it a sought-after natural wonder. You can head into the Pine Barrens to explore the woods, kayak, canoe, or even drive the scenic byway with your car stereo speakers blasting. If you’ve never been in the Pinelands, it will give you a completely new experience of New Jersey.

Before Your Trip, Get Your Car Stereo Installation Done Right – And Fast!

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