Vehicle Wraps: Protect Your Car’s Value and Skip the Paint Job

a man applies a silver vehicle wrap with an applicator tool

Customize Your Car Your Way With Color and Style

So you’ve sprung for all the aftermarket updates and auto accessories you can find – lighting, upgraded audio, and the best window tinting in New Jersey – but you’ve noticed cars on the highway that seem to have that extra something: color.

When you originally purchased your car, your decision-making most definitely included the color of the vehicle because you’re conscious of all the little style decisions that go into making a vehicle great. You liked the color of your car out of the lot, but now you feel like it’s growing stale on you, and even the upgrades you’ve added don’t seem as special without that extra pop.

Why a Paint Job Isn’t Going to Do the Trick

A paint job might be nice, as it might have a chance at protecting the car for the next phase of its life, and could hide some imperfections that have accumulated along the way.

When you start looking at paint jobs, though, you can’t seem to find the colors you’ve seen on the road: multiple tones to create a graphic effect, racing stripes, a hood color complimenting the body, and other eye-catching features.

Unfortunately, you find that a paint job can’t quite accomplish the vision you have for the ultimate customization. But there is some good news: vehicle wrap technology can give you exactly what you need, affordably and with a high-level of protection.

Vehicle Wraps Are Your Answer

A vehicle wrap is a vinyl covering for the exterior of your vehicle, and you can customize these wraps with graphics such as logos or designs.

What’s more, wraps are protective, lasting, safe to remove, and require simple maintenance. They can also be installed affordably and quickly with the right service company, like Auto Image, the New Jersey window tint and auto accessory experts.

Affordability Makes a Car Wrap a No-Brainer

When you’re ready to customize your car’s body with color, you are definitely going to want to look at affordability first. A vehicle wrap is far more affordable than a paint job, and it’s far more resistant to the elements.

Do some research and ask about custom paint jobs in comparison to vehicle wraps. Auto Image can offer you a competitive price on a vehicle wrap, which is perfect for your budget, and makes a paint job look like something you’d only try if you didn’t know about wraps yet.

The money you saved can then be used on maintenance and other important features you’re looking for to make sure your car is exactly the way you want it.

Wraps Offer Protection that Lasts Far Longer than Paint

A vinyl wrap’s high-performance material offers a level of protection that makes the exterior difficult to scratch or wear down the way paint often does. While paint tends to chip and scrape very easily (think about the last time you were in a tight-squeeze parking space), vinyl’s much more durable.

Chances are that the cars you’re spotting on the highway that look like new, and that feature graphics and colors you love, are wrapped by a pro. These cars might not even be as new as you think, but, because vinyl wrap material can hold up to the elements and general wear-and-tear, it’s the reason why the cars you’re envying stand out in the crowd.

Car Wraps Are Also Interchangeable When You Want to Update Your Look

If you’re a true auto enthusiast like we are at Auto Image, you might care so much about the look of your vehicle that one year you’re getting a certain vibe for your car color, and then the next year you’re feeling like your car deserves something different.

It’s very easy to swap out your vehicle wrap for another, so you can outfit your car with a color that’s hot that year.

If you do end up wanting to add graphics or an accent to your vinyl wrap, this is far easier to do than if you wanted to make exterior paint add-ons. Paint has far more difficulty trying to create that intricate look you want, and costs a lot more!

Vehicle Wraps Are For More Than Just Personal Vehicles

Customizing your vehicle isn’t only for looks, style, and vibe. You can advertise a business on the side of your car or on a fleet of company vehicles. When you notice a van or truck that turns heads with its advertising, it’s likely that a vehicle wrap was used to get the colors and branding effect just right.

Check Out Auto Image for All Your Customization Needs

Auto Image, your go-to New Jersey window tint and custom auto service specialist, only uses 3M for our wraps, an industry leader for vinyl material. Our service technicians will make sure your vision for your car is exactly the way you want it, styled and installed to perfection.

Because we also offer a variety of auto accessories and upgrades, stop in and browse our other high-end products and services including window tinting which might be the perfect complement to a colorful car wrap.

Contact us online or give us a call at (732) 254-2727 in East Brunswick or (732) 920-0606 in Brick, you can walk us through your design ideas. Then, we’ll set you up with an affordable, quality wrap install, getting you back on the road in no time.