Best Window Tint Brands: 3M vs. Solar Gard

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Experience the Cream of the Crop in Window Tint Brands

Aside from your home, your vehicle is likely one of the most significant investments you can make. Because of this, you only want the best for your vehicle, including the best window tint brands. 3M and Solar Gard window tint are both the best you can do in the realm of window tint installation.

While both of these are top window tint brands, there are some differences between the two that are important to note.

But first, let’s start out with why you need to tint your windows!

Top four reasons to give your car a little shade:

  1. Style – There’s no denying that car window tint can add some serious style to your vehicle. When you want your car to stand out on the road, window tinting is one of the simplest, quickest ways to do that. Window tint film also gives any vehicle a sleek look that catches attention, which can be an important factor to consider when looking at the resale value of your vehicle. Did you know window tint can actually increase the value of your vehicle? All the more reason to make the investment now!
  2. Heat – New Jersey summers are no joke! In a matter of minutes, your car can go from comfortable to convection oven in a flash. Window tinting significantly reduces the amount of light and heat that’s let into your vehicle, which ultimately keeps the cabin temperature more comfortable, even when your car has been sitting in a parking lot for hours.
  3. Health – When we’re outside, we protect ourselves from the sun with sunscreen, sunglasses, and protective clothing. Just because you’re in a car doesn’t mean harmful UV rays cannot come through the window. Did you know you can get a sunburn just sitting in the car? Car window tint is like a bottle of sunscreen for your vehicle, blocking up to 99% of damaging UV rays that would normally be beating down on you while driving.
  4. Energy – Energy-efficiency is becoming more and more of a concern in many industries, and the auto industry is no different. Who wouldn’t want better gas mileage? Blasting your A/C throughout the summer can put a serious dent in your gas budget. With window tinting, the interior of your car doesn’t get as hot to begin with. The cooler the car is, the less air conditioning is needed, resulting in less fuel used (ultimately saving you money). Getting window tint installed on your windows will help you spend less time and money filling up!

3M Car Window Tint

3M is one of the most established window tint manufacturers. Today, 3M offers automotive window tint films that range in price and performance, from basic privacy films to cutting-edge ceramic and nanotechnology films. Their line of automotive window tint films enhance the comfort and appearance of your vehicle without a doubt. Whether you’re concerned about excessive heat, increased privacy, UV protection, a faded interior, glare, or security, 3M has a window tint to enhance the comfort and appearance of your vehicle. And the best part? All of 3M’s car window films come with a lifetime warranty.

Solar Gard Car Window Tint

While not as widely known as 3M, Solar Gard’s line of high-performance window tint films take advantage of metalized and nano-ceramic technologies to provide a cooler and more comfortable driving experience. Solar Gard conducts vigorous performance testing to ensure all products perform as expected in various conditions. Plus, Solar Gard’s non-reflective window tint films come with a five to seven year warranty.

Professional window tint installation in New Jersey

Have we convinced you to add window tint to your car to save a little money? Great! Before you run off to find a DIY window tint kit, it’s important to understand the benefits of hiring a professional for this important job:

  • Local window tint installation pros, like the ones we have at Auto Image, help to ensure the tinting is in line with current laws and regulations, so you can drive your car safely without fear of a ticket or fine.
  • Professional window tint installers will use the proper installation techniques, making sure your car has the correct fit.
  • Tinting pros will provide you with exceptional customer service, meaning they can give you tips on how to care for and clean your new tint and make sure you have the best end product.
  • Looking for a professional, reliable window tint installer in New Jersey? Look no further than Auto Image. Our team has been serving Brick, East Brunswick, and the surrounding areas since 1987. Our factory-trained installation technicians can install whatever tint you choose for your vehicle.

    And speaking of choosing your tint – check out our window tint simulator to see what different types of window tint would look like on your vehicle. Once you’ve found the perfect tint, book an installation appointment and reap the benefits of a cooler car!