Window Tinting 101: Different Types of Window Tint

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While most people are familiar with car window tint, a majority of consumers are unaware of how many different types of window tint there are. Who knew window tinting isn’t one-size fits all? No matter where you are – in the heart of the city or right on the coast – window tinting can benefit just about anyone (and any vehicle).

Find out from the experts at one of the best tint shops in New Jersey why window tinting is a necessity, as well as all of the options there are for tinting your vehicle.

Why does your car need window tinting?

There are many reasons you may want window tinting for your car, but here are the top four reasons to tint your car windows, in our opinion:

  1. Style – Many people think a car or vehicle with a window tint just looks better! It brings out your car’s style and distinguishes your car from others on the road. It also gives any vehicle a sleek look that catches attention.
  2. Heat – Keep it out! Reducing the amount of sun coming through the windows of a car helps to keep it much cooler. Having tinted windows is key for hot, sunny days when the temperature in your car can easily reach dangerous levels. Window tinting significantly reduces this danger and helps to keep the inside of your car cooler.
  3. Vision – Window tinting can cut down on many of the blinding glares caused on the road. The headlights of other vehicles behind you and the sun shining through your windows can be a big distraction while driving.
  4. Energy – In this day and age, energy efficiency is key, and saving money is more important than ever. Window tinting can help reduce costs and give you some wiggle room in your budget. On a hot day, many people jump in their car and crank up the A/C – this is a huge waste of gas and energy! The cooler the car is, the less air conditioning is needed, resulting in burning less gas (saving energy and money).

Types of tinting for car windows

Dyed Window Tint – Dyed variants provide an affordable option for window tinting. The main benefit of this tint is that it blocks sunlight via multiple layers of infused dyes, absorbing solar heat and reducing the potential of increased cabin temperature. While it is available in multiple opacity levels, providing a visual enhancement, this type of tinting does not protect against UV exposure.

Metalized Window Tint – Instead of using dyes, in metalized window tint, the film is infused with small particles of metals to block the sunlight. This tint creates a rather rich shine and provides added strength to the car window (helping to reduce the potential of shattering). Overall benefits of this type of car window tint include effective blocking of heat, glare reduction, and UV ray blocking.

Hybrid Dye and Metallic Tint Film – If you like what you heard about dyed window tint, but want the added protection of metalized window tint, hybrid window tint can give you the best of both worlds! This type of window tint is made up of grey dye and titanium metallic flakes, resulting in a not-too-dark or reflective surface, which is good for blocking UV rays, reducing sun exposure inside, and providing a level tint that doesn’t negatively impact night driving.

Carbon Tint Film – Carbon tint film is a step up compared to the previously mentioned tints. Its matte finish helps to block nearly 40 percent of infrared radiation, which is the main contributor of a car’s internal temperature. It also blocks UV exposure, which can fade and age the interior of your car (i.e. plastic trim, leather seats, and dashboards).

Crystalline Window Tint – Get the cooling and protective benefits of window tinting without the darkening effects. You can do this by choosing a crystalline window tint that is designed to block UV and infrared radiation, keeping the inside of your vehicle cool and reducing the potential of extended wear and tear, without the window darkness.

Ceramic Window Tint – The best of the best window tint is ceramic-infused film. It’s developed using small, ceramic-based particles that are highly nonconductive, meaning it does not reduce electronic transmissions from cell phones, wifi, bluetooth or any other communication devices. This tint can block up to 50 percent of solar heat without reduction of visibility and produces exceptional shatter resistance, reduced glare and fading, AND blocks 99.9 percent of UV exposure.

Now that you know about the different types of car window tint available to you, it’s time to find an expert in window tint installation. When you’re looking for a window tint installer in New Jersey, check out Auto Image. We’ve been serving the Brick and East Brunswick areas since 1987. Our professionals can help install both 3M and Solar Gard window tint, providing you with the best results!

Car window tint installation in New Jersey

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