Choosing the Right Type of Remote Starter for Your Vehicle

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Quality and Convenience at the Touch of a Button

Like any important auto part, choosing an aftermarket remote start can be tricky. Quality of construction, range of transmission, installation specifics, and other factors should be considered. On top of that, there are other choices to be made about functionality. Do you want one-button, two-button, four- or even five-button operation? Should you pay extra for a model with a display screen? Do you need a remote start warranty?

There are nearly endless options in this area, as with any electronic device. To help you choose wisely, we at Auto Image offer some info on remote starter brands and types, and their various features and functions.

One-way Remote Car Starters

One-way remote starters only send signals from the remote to the car, and not vice versa. This means you won’t receive any indication of whether or not your vehicle actually started when you pressed the button. While this may not be a huge concern for some, especially if you know you’re buying a quality remote starter, some people like having that confirmation.

Now let’s review some popular one-way car starter brands and models.

3X Lock – This easy-to-use model is a remote car starter using a factory key fob. It can be activated by pushing the lock button three times. The rest is taken care of by the installed hardware.

Avital 4115L – This set of two remote starters provides a wide transmission range, includes a handy keyless unlock function, and is the smallest Avital unit produced to date. The unlock function can be engaged while the car is running.

Compustar RF1B-AM – Compustar is one of the leading remote car starter companies in terms of reliability. This modest remote starter has a simple one-button operation and a medium range of transmission (up to 800 feet).

Viper 4105V – This Viper model is a set of two units with four buttons and has a useful keyless entry system. It has a generous range of up to 1,500 feet and includes a flasher which flickers slowly five times. This model also comes with a pair of auxiliary channels that can help a user add more functions.

Viper 4115V – The 4115V has a range of up to 2,000 feet and uses a simplified one-button control system. A lifetime warranty is also issued with this model, which is one of the smallest and most comfortable remote starter systems produced by Viper.

Two-way Remote Car Starters

Unlike one-way starters, two-way remote starters not only send communication from the fob to the vehicle, but they also send communication back to the remote starter, giving you better feedback that your command has been properly received and executed.

Compustar 2WG15-FM – The Prime G15 is waterproof, which may prove useful in emergencies. The pair of controllers each have four buttons, and the set boasts an impressive 3,000-foot transmission range.

Compustar PRO T11 – One of the most powerful aftermarket remote starters available, the PRO T11 commands an astonishing 15,000 feet of transmission range. Like the G15, it is also waterproof and comes with a generous three-year warranty. The PRO T11’s controls are very clear and simple to use. This is one of the best options available for an advanced two-way starter system.

Viper 4205V – This easy-to-use model has a one-button control system and also features an LED flasher that lets you know the command has been received. This unit has a 2,000-foot transmission range and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Viper 4706V – One of Viper’s most reasonably priced entries, the 4706V is a set of two controllers (one of which has an LCD screen) with a basic two-button setup and a range of a full mile.

Viper 4806V – A four-button control panel and LED command indicator lights make for ease of use and simplicity of design for this Viper remote starter system. This model also features up to a mile’s transmission range. The controllers are designed to be ergonomic and comfortable to use.

Viper 5906V – The flagship model of the Viper starter line, the 5906V is loaded with luxurious features. Chief among them is the full-color OLED display screen, which is included with one of the two units; the other features an easy-to-use five-button control panel. One unique function is the Menu Wheel, which makes it possible to choose system functions with unparalleled ease. This system has a transmission range of up to a mile.

Viper SmartStart – This is a unique offering in the Viper line – it’s an app that transforms your cell phone into a remote starter device. It also features lock and unlock controls and even allows the user to open the trunk remotely. This is the obvious choice for those who prefer to work with smartphones and are in areas of service most of the time.

Clearly you have a lot of options to consider. When it comes to knowledge and expertise, our team of product and installation experts is here to answer any questions you may have about remote starter brands or the installation process. Get on the road to greater convenience today – call Auto Image New Brunswick at 732-254-272 or Auto Image Brick at 732-920-0606.