Product Spotlight: Viper 4706V

Viper 4706VClients living near Brick or East Brunswick who are looking for a premium remote car starter solution should drop by Auto Image and check out the Viper 4706V. This premium remote starter provides up to 1 mile of range and includes a two-way LCD remote control. This remote shows you at a glance if your vehicle is locked, if it started when you pressed the button and how much runtime is left. Let’s look at the 4706V in detail.

Premium Remote Control

Viper 4706VThe LCD remote with the V4706V features five buttons that make the system easy to use. Large buttons on the front panel control locking and unlocking, while smaller buttons on the side handle trunk release and remote starter control. A function button lets the user access secondary functions like auxiliary outputs, silent arming and more. The remote can even display the temperature inside the vehicle, so you’ll know when it has started to warm up.

The system includes a second one-way companion remote control. This remote has the same control options but does not provide confirmation that a command has been executed.

Vehicle Compatibility

The Viper 4706V is compatible with automatic and manual transmission vehicles. We can integrate it into most gasoline, diesel and hybrid vehicles as well. Push-to-start and keyless entry applications are also compatible with the 4706.

In many vehicles, we can automatically activate your rear window defroster or turn on your heated seats if the temperature inside the vehicle is below a certain level. Ask us about the options available for your vehicle’s make, model, year and trim level.

Expert Installation

Our team of installation experts works on automotive electrical systems every day. We take the time to ensure that every connection we make, how we route wiring and where we mount equipment provide maximum performance and reliability.

See the Viper 4706V at Auto Image

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