Product Spotlight: Compustar RF1BAM

Compustar RF1BAMWhen it comes to reliable, easy-to-use remote starters, the Compustar RF1BAM from Auto Image in Brick or East Brunswick, New Jersey, is a great option. This remote car starter includes a pair of one-way, one-button remotes and provides up to 800 feet of range. You can easily start your car from your home, office or the door of the mall. Let’s check out this remote starter, also known as the Prime 1BAM.

One-button Simplicity

Compustar RF1BAMThe Compustar RF1BAM remote starter system includes a pair of remote controls. Each remote is programmed to provide a variety of functions from this simple interface. A single press on the button will lock your doors and pressing the button twice will unlock them. Press and hold the button for 3 seconds and the remote starter sequence is activated. While the engine is running, you can shut it down by pressing and holding the button for 3 seconds again.

The RF1BAM is the perfect addition to a factory remote that includes door lock and trunk/hatch release functions.

Legendary Compustar Reliability and Compatibility

Compustar RF1BAMCompustar is widely recognized as the best in the industry when it comes to system reliability and vehicle compatibility. The Compustar RF1BAM is compatible with gasoline, diesel and hybrid drivetrain vehicles and works with automatic, CVT and manual transmission vehicles. In fact, Compustar offers the safest and most-reliable manual transmission remote starter solutions available. Most vehicles with keyless entry systems or push-to-start ignition systems are compatible with the RF1BAM remote starter.

Expert Vehicle Integration

The difference between installation and integration comes down to attention to detail and passion. Our technicians take the time to ensure each and every wire and module is routed safely and secured properly to provide maximum performance and reliability. Our dedication to quality means that we take whatever time is required to ensure every installation performs flawlessly.

New Jersey’s Remote Starter Experts

When it’s time to shop for a remote starter, drop by your local Auto Image location and talk to a member of our sales team. You are welcome to send us an e-mail using our online contact page if you have any additional questions about our products or services.