Everything You Need to Know About Ceramic Vehicle Coating

ceramic coating for car paint protection

Is Ceramic Vehicle Coating the Right Choice for You?

Owning a car with an impeccable finish, shine, and luster is everyone’s dream. Isn’t it a great feeling when your car is the envy of all eyes at your party? Cars surely look great under the showroom lights, but how long do they stay in the same condition? The dust, pollution, and elements on the road take a toll on the exterior of the car and make most cars look dusty and old in a matter of days.

At Auto Image, we can guide you to pick the best out of several solutions to this situation. Frequent washing and buffing at home are of course important, but there are other ways to make your vehicle shine.

Among them are waxing, Teflon coating, polishing, and ceramic coating. What is important for the owner to see is that the method used is both effective and long-lasting, if not permanent. Let us see how ceramic coating for your car helps achieve this goal.

What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is essentially a chemical solution made of silicon dioxide that is used on the external painted parts of the car to protect it from damage and discoloration. Once it is applied by hand, it forms a protective layer on the paint.

At Auto Image, East Brunswick, for instance, we install protection that helps in preventing dirt, grime, and stain marks from appearing and settling on the exterior of the car, thus preserving the glossy shine and finish.

An added advantage is that this coat holds through rain and summer heat too. You don’t need to re-apply the ceramic coat now and then. If proper care is taken, the ceramic coating can last up to five years without problems.

You might do away with car wraps or even the typical custom car wraps. Though ceramic coats are almost essential for the painted exteriors of the car, a few solutions have come in the market for interiors, too.

Ceramic Coating Application

Initially, ceramic coating for your car was a niche option, but nowadays it is offered as a kit that is widely available, affordable, and easy to use. These are available as ceramic treatment kits, hybrid waxes, and also as wet sprays. So you can have your choice depending on how seriously you take your car care. Typically, ceramic coating for your car can cost anything from $100 upwards, depending on the type of treatment you wish to get done, and the size of your car.

Auto Image is the foremost professional in ceramic car coating in the area. We invite you to discuss your options with us so we can advise the best course of action for your vehicle.

Ceramic Coating Brands

There are several brands of ceramic coating for vehicles. Among them are Modesta, CQuartz, Ceramic Pro, Nanolex, and IGL Kenzo, to name a few.

Is Ceramic Coating Right for my Car?

There are benefits of getting the ceramic coat for your car. A few of these are briefly listed:

Discuss Your Car Paint Protection Options with Auto Image in New Jersey

While there are several benefits, a ceramic coating is not the only thing to consider to keep your car looking great. It is not a scratch-protection solution, nor does it prevent swirl marks created by automatic car washes, and it does not eliminate the need to wash your car with water. That has to be done to wash away the dirt on the surface. However, it is an excellent option.

If you are looking for a ceramic coat for your car in New Jersey, visit us at Auto Image in Brick, NJ and East Brunswick, NJ. If you’re ready to get your car protected, schedule a professional application with us now.