Give the Gift of Window Tint this Holiday Season

car window tinting gift

It’s the Perfect Gift for the Season (and Year) If You Live in New Jersey

The season of gift giving is almost here, and no one wants to give a bad gift.

We’ve all had experiences where we’ve received a gift that is just not useful or sits on a table for years and is never used – or worse, ends up being re-gifted.

Put your money into a gift that will last (and will even be helpful during the winter season). Car window tinting is not only stylish for the recipient’s car, but it has many benefits for during a cold winter season, and more.

Window tint can keep the heat in

Keeping the heat in is key not only for your house during the winter, but especially for your vehicle. Window tinting your car provides your vehicle with more insulation but providing an additional layer on your windows that help keep the heat in during the cold winter months.

This means it will take less time to warm up your car. You can jump in sooner (even on below zero mornings), making a much better, faster start to your day.

Car window film prevents glare

Glare is dangerous no matter what season you are in, but it is especially bad in the winter. With snow and ice affecting road visibility and driving conditions (from sun reflecting off snow to snow squalls), you want to prevent glare as much as you can and keep your field of vision clear.

Car window tinting reduces glare from the snow and from oncoming headlights, meaning you can drive safely, even when the roads are not in the best condition. Driving with a clear line of sight is one of the biggest reasons car tinting is worth the investment.

Window tint protects your car’s interior from fading

Window tinting your vehicle will prevent less fade year-round. What exactly does this mean? Tinting prevents the colors inside your vehicle from fading, keeping your stylish leather or cloth seats and interior looking newer for longer by protecting it from UV rays from the sun.

Even in winter, these damaging rays are harmful, and made even worse by reflecting off the glistening snow and ice.

Face resistance is a major plus for the longevity and potential resale value of your car. Keeping it looking younger, inside and out, means it will help your future sale price.

Types of tinting for car windows

Depending on your goals for applying and installing auto window tint, you’ll want to consider the two different types of window tint installation we offer here at Auto Image.

Dyed Window Tint – Want a cooler ride at an affordable price? Dyed window tints can give you just that! The main benefit of dyed window tint is that it blocks sunlight via multiple layers of infused dyes, absorbing solar heat and reducing the potential of increased cabin temperature. Plus, dyed variants are one of the most affordable types of window tint on the market.

But don’t think you’ll be sacrificing quality for price. At Auto Image, we use only the highest-quality dyed tints from top brands in the industry – 3M and Solar Gard. Both of these brands offer the best dyed window tints that will withstand years of weathering without fading, cracking, or color distortion.

Be advised, though – while dyed window tinting is available in multiple opacity levels for a customized visual effect, this type of tinting does not protect against UV exposure.

Ceramic Window Tint – The best of the best window tint is ceramic-infused film. It’s developed using small ceramic-based particles that are highly nonconductive, meaning it doesn’t interfere with electronic transmissions from cell phones, WIFI, bluetooth, or any other communication devices.

This tint can block up to 50 percent of solar heat without reduction of visibility, and produces exceptional shatter resistance, reduced glare and fading, AND blocks 99.9 percent of UV exposure. This means you’ll stay nice and cool inside your car, while also protecting both yourself and your vehicle’s interior from damaging UV rays.

Find professional window tint installation in New Jersey

Looking for window tinting near you? Check out Auto Image, serving Brick, East Brunswick and the surrounding areas since 1987. Our professionals can help install your window tint, providing you with the best results!

Want to try before you buy? Check out Auto Image’s Tint Simulator. See how 3M and SolarGard window tints can improve the look of your vehicle, using our online application.

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