Remote Start: How Does it Work?

using a remote car starter

Why You Want a Car Remote Start in Your Vehicle, and Where to Get It

Looking to make an investment into your vehicle? Adding a remote start to your car is the way to go! There are so many benefits to yourself, your passengers, and your vehicle as a whole. Now is an especially great time to invest, with winter right around the corner.

Find out all of the reasons why you need to get a car remote start installed in your vehicle here at Auto Image.

A warm car makes for a safer commute

In the winter a warmed up car can help melt ice on your windshield as well as other windows, helping to increase your visibility while driving.

A warm car can also help melt snow or ice that could cover your headlights and brake lights.

With a remote start, you can warm up your vehicle without going outside or leaving your keys in it as it runs.

A car remote start keeps you warmer in the winter

Starting your car on a cold morning without leaving the warmth of your house is a real positive that you cannot deny. No more shivering sitting in your freezing cold vehicle as you wait for the heat to kick in; that’s a plus!

You might also be able to skip out on wearing a bulky winter parka while you drive, which gives you more freedom of movement.

A remote start cools your car off in the summer

Just as a car remote start keeps your car at a comfortable temperature in the winter, it does the same in the summer.

You can climb inside a nice and cool car. No more having to wait to get in and then double check the temp by touching the steering wheel and seats to make sure you won’t get a burn, not to mention those powerfully hot metal seat belt buckles.

An auto remote start is kinder to your car’s engine

Extreme temperatures affect your car’s engine and its motor oil. Running cold is harder on your engine, and because oil is thicker when it is cold, it’s more difficult to flow through the engine’s parts. Also, letting your car idle for a few minutes before it’s driven lets the engine oil become more viscous and provides better lubrication once the driver is ready to go.

This warm up is especially beneficial for cars and trucks with diesel engines, but gas engines can also benefit from this.

You could get a bigger return on your vehicle

Investing in a remote starter system can pay off in the long run. It could increase the resale value of your car, especially if you live in a place with extreme climate conditions.

The remote start can be a useful selling point and a reason to ask for more money from a trade-in at a dealership.

What to Know Before You Buy

Now that you know why you need to get an auto remote start, find out everything you need to know before you purchase.

How does a remote car starter work?

They work via radio frequency. A box is connected to your car’s ignition switch and other start-up mechanisms. When you press the start button on your key fob, remote, or smartphone, it sends a signal to the box to turn on the systems that start your engine. Don’t worry about your remote turning on someone else’s car; each radio signal is unique to each car model.

What about remote start installation?

Leave it to the experts, and get a professional to do it. While remote starts may seem basic, older makes and models can be complicated and need special expert attention for installation.

You also need to beware of alarms and built-in theft deterrents that need to be bypassed when installing. You’re better off hanging up your hat, and letting our car accessories shop take the wheel.

How much does a remote car starter cost?

The price ultimately depends on the type of remote car starter you purchase. Auto Image carries a range of car starters to choose from, some that you operate via your smartphone for convenience, and others that work on an extra fob on your keyring.

It’s time to shop for a remote start at our car accessories store

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