Product Spotlight: Ultra Performance Window Film

Ultra PerformanceAuto Image has been the Jersey Shore’s premiere destination for window tinting since 1987. Our clients continue to bring each new vehicle they own to us, thanks to our attention to detail, quality of work and choice of premium materials. One tint film that has truly proven itself is Ultra Performance from Solar Gard.

UV and IR Radiation Blocking

Ultra Performance window tint film is manufactured using advanced nanotechnology to maximize performance in ultraviolet and infrared (IR) energy blocking. UV radiation exposure is a major risk factor for skin cancer. Having Ultra Performance film on your windows is like wearing a suntan lotion with an SPF of more than 900.

IR energy is responsible for heating up the interior of your vehicle. Just like the heat lamps at the local greasy burger joint, IR energy from the sun warms the interior of your vehicle. Ultra Performance films block between 37 and 51% of IR energy to help make your vehicle more comfortable. Reducing IR energy transmission also eases the load on your vehicle’s air conditioning system, and subsequently, improves fuel economy.

Quality Characteristics

Ultra PerformanceUltra Performance window films offer exceptional clarity for improved visibility and safer driving. Solar Gard guarantees that Ultra Performance films will not fade or change color, ensuring your vehicle will always look great.

Unlike metallized films that hinder the performance of cellular phones, satellite radio and GPS reception, Ultra Performance has no effect on signal transmission. Even your tire pressure monitoring system will continue to work perfectly.

You Can Trust Ultra Performance

Ultra Performance is available in seven different shades. From Ultra Performance 75 that allows 76% light transmission to the privacy of Ultra 10, we have a shade that works on any vehicle. Solar Gard is so confident in the reliability of Ultra Performance films that they offer a limited lifetime warranty.

When it is time to have your windows tinted, drop in and talk to the experts at Auto Image. We have locations in Brick and East Brunswick and are open six days a week. Our fully interactive window film display can demonstrate the amazing energy-blocking capabilities of the Ultra Performance series of window film. Our online e-mail form is available HERE if you have any questions.